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The Vapor Effect

The Vapor Effect The Vapor Effect

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Most parents hear statements such as "please read to your child" and "reading is important." While these statements are true, they are oversimplified. Within the pages of The Vapor Effect: A Practical Guide of Why and How Every Child Can Learn to Read Using the Vapor Effect, readers will discover each letter that spells V-A-P-O-R and how to use this formula to teach reading.

"This book is written as a practical guide of how and why we can help children obtain early reading skills," Dr. Teresa White says. "The word encouraged for every reader of this book to memorize is VAPOR! Think about the meaning of vapor; what comes to mind? 'Quickly gone!'"

"I use my experiences as an early interventionist, special education teacher, twice teacher of the year, mother, grandmother and early childhood professor to create the content for this book," the author states".

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The Vapor Effect is an approved professional development training for the South Carolina Center for Child Care Career Development Participants can earn 1.5 professional development credit hours. Book Dr. White to facilitate a professional development workshop on The Vapor Effect.

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