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Awesome training. It was well organized, informative and you kept my attention. I found you to be knowledgeable and I can see that you enjoy what you do.
Greenville Childcare Association Training
Student solutions is just as the name reads. It is an excellent source for identifying problematic areas for children and creating fun learning habits to overcome said problems! Dr. White's passion for education is unmatched!
S. Smith
I loved your workshop! Loved, Loved, Loved it! Your enthusiasm is incredible that's the kind of teacher that should be in every school!
Orangeburg 3 Pk-3 Literacy Consulting
Exciting, engaging, effective and informative! Student Solutions is the perfect choice for a learning child and his/her parent.
S. Goss
If you're searching for a hands on educator, with a passion for education; look no further Student Solutions is the place for you. It's not just a job for her, it's her ministry!
T. Gibson
Within the 1st 10 minutes in The Vapor Effect professional development workshop, I learned so much! With students we must talk to them. Not just commands. Speak in love, explaining, reading, new words (juicy words as she called them), powerful words (get them to share the new words!)
M. Medley-Teacher
Dr. White offers awesome resources for parents and teachers! S. Jeter-Teacher The book and info on this site are both teacher AND parent friendly.
L. Camp -Literacy Leader
Dr. White’s passion for student success combined with her professional knowledge and her poise as a presenter help her to be a change agent for students and teachers alike.
D. Mitchell - Teacher Leader
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