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Early childhood... fascinating, simply fascinating

Dr. Teresa White Dr. Teresa White Hi, my name is Teresa. If you are looking for an Early Childhood expert to coach, cheer, and celebrate you for the work of preparing our youngest generation, then welcome to Student Solutions. Let's elevate excellence in early childhood education!

Student Solutions was birthed while I was a public school teacher who grappled with how to reach a community of children on varied learning levels and provide them with an entryway to instruction, learning, and accomplishing. So often a school day led to a school night and clearly no summers off! Essentially, Student Solutions was organized to solve the problems associated with navigating the multifaceted maze of promoting learning and development for children birth to 8 years old.

If you are a parent, teacher, or program administrator seeking an experienced and educated expert to help you navigate the journey of teaching young children who have special needs, developmental delays, or are gifted and talented, I want to help. I am acquainted with the competing feelings of defeat and desire to help children achieve. Young children are in a critical period of development. It is serious business!

If you're wondering what else I do besides elevating excellence in early childhood, I enjoy making memories with my Husband and family, serving in ministry, thrift store shopping, and I love getting good rest!

Please like my Facebook page where you can connect to a broader community of amazing educators and parents of young children. We are better together, and we welcome you!

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